PRO-PhotoWorks | About

My interest in photography began in high school when I attended my first photography class and has remained a passion of mine ever since. As an avid fly-fisherman, I was always drawn to nature and waterfall photography. I had always enjoyed making people smile and laugh, so once I tried glamour photography, I was hooked. When I saw how much fun the shoots can be for everyone and the glowing faces of the models as I showed them the images we captured on the back of the camera, I realized it was the perfect fit for me. I pride myself on being creatively different and fun to be around, and that seems to work out great for glamour and artistic photography. I am thrilled and humbled to have worked with so many talented professionals and to have had my work published in several international publications. Although, at this time, I am in the process of expanding my New York studio to over 3,500 sq. ft., my preference is to travel and shoot in a wide variety of locations, making friends all along the way.

Craig Block